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Business Brands

We successfully represented Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 corporations with high-profile campaigns for over 15 years. We guided them through several challenging media advertising strategies, resulting in a major win.

Take a look at our work and our clientele's success.

Successful Collaborations

At PosterGirl Marketing, PR & Media, we take pride in every brand we work with. From corporations to sole proprietor businesses, we work with a wide range of clients and ensure the brand is on the path to success. We enjoy working with each client and want to show off our work.


We have a very simple yet powerful mission: we believe in doing excellent work with great clients. From ideation to implementation, we communicate closely with everyone we work with to ensure great results. Check out some of our clients below.

Medical Revamp

Physician Innovator

As time progresses, how medical practices adapt to new needs may make or break the synergy of the healthcare setting. Rapid advancements in technology, psychological research, and management promote diverse ways for teams and practices to meet such new needs. Fortunately, many are turning away from this traditional and limiting mantra instead of embracing the new ways to revamp one’s medical practice.

Branding & Rebranding

Our Clients Loved the Result

We loved working on this Rebranding Campaign project. It was a project that gave us a chance to do something new, shine bright, and take an approach highlighting this brand’s unique value. We did just that. Delivering one-of-a-kind service, in conjunction with measurable results, we brought the client great success that they can truly be proud of.

Music Industry

A Real Hit

This Album Cover project was a huge accomplishment. It was a huge undertaking that required our clients' high level of participation. In this project, with our client’s help, we were able to shape the way they do business and engage with their audience. As a result of our work, the client could see measurable results, ultimately leaving both parties ecstatic.

Haute Editorial Fashion

Best-in-Class Work

The Executor and the Publisher can help ensure your print deadline's prompt, accurate distribution with minimal problems. 


We’re incredibly proud of our work on this Fashion Line Marketing project. That’s because we know that all clients need a winning, creative approach, and we were able to deliver that in this Fashion Line Marketing project. Here, PosterGirl Marketing, PR & Media utilized our subject matter experts and integrated their knowledge throughout various disciplines throughout the project. And this is how we approach every project we take on.

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