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In today’s modern world, the media is a myriad of dynamic conversations. We understand this better than anyone, so whatever we put out for our clients is meant to maximize impact. Have a look at some press examples below.

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Our New AT&T Partnership!

August 1, 2022

AT&T Company Vehicle Training

Last "Ditch" Effort - Close Call

One of our top Field Marketing specialists took this snapshot while making sales in the field. PosterGirl Marketing, PR & Media implemented field solutions specialists for the AT&T in-home DirecTv merger. This cost-effective residential platform that's an all-in-one solution for managing your tv, internet, and mobile services. This role provides full customer service and service solutions support to customers in Vendor Experience. This sales and marketing strategy ensures loyalty retention, win-backs, and new activation. Contact us for a more strong return on investment solutions for your business.

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