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What are the Most Important Digital Improvements for Small Businesses in 2022?

Consumer expectations continue to rise, and businesses that want to keep up with the evolving

landscape and sustain success must use the right tools and strategies. Adopting modern

technologies and practices, also known as “digital transformation,” is the future. And it’s not as

scary as it sounds.

Sure, most digital processes and tools come with a learning curve. But if you dedicate the

necessary time to implement them correctly, it can take your operations and overall success to

new heights. PosterGirl Marketing wants to help you dive in with these simple suggestions!

Business Process Management

If your company is not implementing automation tools & BPM, you’re missing out on some serious growth opportunities. The best part about BPM is that it’s easy to get team members on board because it automates menial tasks and leaves more time to spend on jobs directly related to their talents, skills, and passions.

Essentially, BPM analyzes people, systems, and data to modify processes and streamline

workflows. As long as you have a stable framework, you can utilize the discipline to transform

your organization and make constant improvements for better outcomes.

When comparing BPM and automation tools — or any digital technologies, for that matter — it’s

important to gauge the customer support each manufacturer provides. You will encounter

various issues during digital transformation, and you want to know if someone can guide you

through them before you invest in a product.

Upgrading Your Website

Every company needs a stellar website that sets it apart from the competition. As the business world evolves, this means consistently upgrading your site to look and perform better than others. Take time to research the various web development, web design, content creation, and SEO tools on the market that can take your site to the next level. And don’t hesitate to hire

professionals if necessary.

Creating a Mobile App

No matter your industry, chances are more and more consumers are using their smartphones to

find businesses and buy products and services. Your website must be mobile-friendly to

maximize the opportunities for customer acquisition and retention. And you might consider

developing a mobile app to put customer convenience over the top.

Utilizing a Remote Workforce

More and more businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of a remote workforce. It’s good

for companies and employees. Of course, managing a distributed team comes with its challenges and you need the appropriate tools to succeed. Many of the tools previously mentioned will help you maintain a productive, happy team of freelancers and employees. But you also want to establish effective communication technologies and policies to keep everyone on the same page.

Boosting Your Communication

There are a wealth of helpful communication apps on the market for remote, in-house, and

hybrid teams alike. Look to project management software to help your projects and tasks stay

on track; the best tools will keep your team members informed and foster healthy collaboration

while ensuring everyone meets their deadlines.

Also, find a team chats app that simplifies internal communication and helps cultivate company culture. And if you need to conduct regular team meetings with your remote employees and managers, you’ll need reliable video conferencing software. You might also look into collaborative suites that combine all of these features into a single platform.

Wrapping Up

If you’re hunting for ways to boost your small business and position it for long-term growth and

success, digital transformation is the answer. Yes, you’ll need to commit time, energy, and

money to learn new technologies. But you’ll quickly realize the benefits far outweigh the


Heed the information and advice above as you introduce new tools to your team. And continue researching other strategies and technologies that can take your company to new heights. Would you like to read more helpful content or learn about our marketing, PR, and media services? Visit today!


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