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National Breast Cancer Awareness Risk - COVID-19 Exposure!

Updated: May 26, 2022

American Cancer Society Facts and Figures

Young adults have a higher mortality rate, as well as a higher risk of metastatic recurrence, which is the return of breast cancer in areas beyond the breast. 

Demand A Call To Action!

Please increase the importance of breast health awareness especially for young adults under the age of 40. Young adults need earlier detection with mammogram tests. Donate now to finance their transportation to chemotherapy & vital life-saving operations these young adults will need. Safeguard their health, they are at greater risk of the Covid-19 Pandemic exposure.

Donate Here to Breast Cancer Awareness Relief Efforts!

R&B celebrity Jay I, The Purple Unicorn

At 26 years old, diagnosed with Bilateral Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2019.

She underwent double breast mastectomy & breast reconstructive surgery - a recent breast cancer survivor, now 5 months in remission!


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"Life is too short to be anything but love,"

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The Purple Unicorn, EP

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"I'm Too Young!" "Why Me?"

Donate Here to Breast Cancer Awareness Relief Efforts!

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